Four ladies chain--, across the river

Chain them back--, and roll away

(Heads)* go forward up and back, and then you --star thru

Outside two dive thru, pass thru, and do-sa-do

Same four circle half, and then you--dive thru

Square thru, (sides)* divide, star thru, and when you do

Meet that two do-sa-do, and then you circle halfway,

And then dive thru, box the gnat

Pull 'em thru, swing & whirl your corner

Left allemande--, and promenade

** You promenade the ring with the pretty little thing

You're big chief Running Bear

*Heads are done twice then sides are done twice

**Alternate promenade patter:

1) You paddle down the stream with your pretty Indian Queen

2) As shelter from the wind he wears his old bearskin,

They call him Running Bear