Slab Dances 2002

Dancing at the Fair

Dancing at Vallco

This year Richard and I attended all but one of the slab dances.  This included three plus dances and the special Advanced dance on August 24.
As always we enjoyed each and every dance.  On July 27, about 10 squares warmed up to the calling of Harold Fleeman and cueing of Sue Harris, always a treat.  Yes, it was chilly with sweaters required by the end of the evening.  There was representation from several Valley clubs as well as East Bay clubs and of course the Lucky Steppers.  On August 3, when Don Thomson called, we opted to dance at the Fair and so missed the dance but heard there were 4-5 squares.  There were a like number of squares when we attended the next week.  Keith called with Sue Harris doing the rounds.  The weather was warmer, but pleasantly cool and the dancing was fun.  The last plus dance, on August 17, was the best attended with as many as 14 squares in attendance.  The Rafter Rocker held their usual pot-luck before the dance.  Several squares worth of people enjoyed a bountiful feast.  Gary Carnes then got us all moving to work off all that food.  In addition to calling a well  choreographed, danceable program, he entertained us with the stories of his trip to Japan.  Gary also cued the rounds, very ably I might add.  As I am sure many are aware, the venue for these slab dances may change next year.  The permit to dam the San Lorenzo River is expiring and an environmental impact study on the effect of the dam on steel head trout is required for a new permit to be issued.
Our thanks to the Lucky
Steppers for putting on these Slab dances.  They come early, clean and sweep the cement, put down dancing coupound' and supply refreshments, for five consecutive Saturdys.       
MaryJane & Richard Wegener

This year dancing at the fair was an interesting proposition.  The area around the slab was opened up, so the dancing was more visible to passers-by and there was lots of side seating in bleachers and front seating on hay bales.  Richard and I attended both Friday and Saturday evenings.  For the first time in my recollection, there were more onlookers than dancers.  There were at most 5 squares dancing at one time while we were there.  Josie Baumgarten and Mary Knoppe put up holders for flyers along the front fence.  Our flyers disappeared rapidly.  Mary toured the on-lookers getting people to sign for classes and the drawing for free classes.  The only negatives were the sun for early dancers and the noisy neighbor bands for later dancers.  On Friday we danced to Donn Thomson, Keith Ferguson and Andy Shore.  Wally and Ione cued the rounds.  Keith even had one intro to square dancing tip where dancers got non-dancing partners on the floor.   For this tip the slab was very full.  We danced for an hour and a half and then went looking for the animal exhibits.  The old livestock buildings were gone!  With the more compact size  we easily found the quilts and household competitions and the very scaled back garden/flower exhibits.  On Saturday night, we found the 4-H animals and even watched a horse riding competition.  First we danced to the calling of Jim Osborne, Harold Fleeman and Jake Shimada and the cueing of Sue Harris and Wally and Ione Wade.  The Dawes and Campbells joined us dancing and we ran into Janna Standridge, Joan Egan, Jan Aplustill, Judy Morton-Wirth and Bill Knowland while touring the exhibits.  Janna had won some ribbons for her jams and jellies.  The fair was a great success but some moaned because they could not find the sticky buns!
MaryJane & Richard Wegener

On both Saturday and Sunday afternoons,  August 24 and 25, Richard and I danced at the Fountain at Vallco, where we passed out flyers as did several other clubs.   On Saturday we were joined by Kenneth, Kristina and Paul Finnegan, Carolyn Bircher and Jim and Jan Dawes.  There were five squares dancing to the calling of Jim Osborne, Jake Shimada and the cueing of Wendy Jean.   Tables  were placed out for the distribution of flyers and many announcements regarding upcoming classes were made throughout both afternoons.  The music drew a small crowd, many picked up flyers.  On Sunday, Kenny Carroll called as well.  Again there were five squares dancing.  The Campbells, Paul Finnegan and Carolyn Bircher joined us.  The square dancing music drew many shoppers.  On this day tables were put a couple of places upstairs as well as down.  The callers  used a good mix of music, country, rock and roll and ballad genre, but all with good beat that captured the onlookers.  It was a treat for the dancers to dance to such great calling and a treat for the audience to hear such good calling.  Thanks to the Sunnyvale Singles for sponsoring this event, inviting other clubs to join in and helping other clubs distribute their flyers for this year's classes.
MaryJane & Richard Wegener

   Duty Square

Tom & Karen Kenfield
Dick & Elvira Bergamaschi