September Intro to Plus Lessons

Dance Site: Collins School, Cupertino

Square Affair - Santa Maria
September 20-22
Callers: Bronc Wise & Buddy Weaver

On September 11, the first of three free introductory plus level lessons will be held.  They will begin at 7:30pm and run to 8:45pm each evening in September.  Visitors are welcome to return to any of the other September lessons.   We are looking forward to a great turnout of new class dancers for these intro lessons. We certainly encourage anyone attending these complimentary dance lesson sessions to bring a friend.  The class will officially commence October 2nd and run until Spring 2003. 

Jubilee - Watsonville
October 11-12
Callers: Vern Weese & George Monaghan

Harvest Hoedown - Yuba City
October 25-27
Callers: Mark Clausing, Buddy Weaver & Cindy Whitaker


Fall Frolic Hoedown
Callers: JIM OSBORNE & Jerry Silverstein
Saturday, Sept 21, 8-11 pm
AMT Studios, 1717 Technology Dr.

Good Turnout for 5th Wednesday Dance

The Krazy Dazys hosted the 5th Wednesday dance, July 31st at Crittenden School in Mt. View.  There were over 15 squares of dancers on hand for  the dance.  Jim Osborne served as emcee and called along with Gary Carnes, Bob Elling and Keith Ferguson.   We were glad to have the use of Crittenden since most other schools were unavailable due to summer repairs and maintenance.  Thanks again for all who helped make this a great evening of fun dancing. 

Club Picnic a Filling Affair

SCVSDA & SCVCA Badge Dance
Don Benson, Rich Gierman & Andy Shore Saturday, September 28, 8-11 PM
Crittenden Middle School, Mt. View

The Krazy Dazy club picnic held on Sunday, September 8th, at the Keevers in Los Altos was attended by more than 40 of our club members.  The afternoon was delightful and there was no shortage of food.  Hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixins, including those great tastin' tomatoes sure made a splash.  The equally tasty salads and desserts added to the gastronomical delights.  Many thanks to all who helped set up the tables, barbecued the meat and cleaned-up afterwards.  Thanks again to Joe & Shirley for hosting this fun event.  We hope to have an even bigger turnout next time around.

Apple Pie Hoedown
Featuring: Larry Davenport
Saturday, October 5,  8-10:30 PM
John Muir MS, San Jose

Farmers & Farmerettes Dance
Featuring: Jet Roberts
Saturday, October 25,  8-11 pm
Newark Pavilion, Newark, CA

Jubilee Discount Tickets Available

Discount tickets are on sale for the annual Jubilee to be held October 11-12.   Paul Finnegan has tickets available to buy at discount prices through  Sept 11.  After that the tickets are only available at the door at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds in Watsonville.


Al Gaddy                     6th
MaryJane Wegener    8th
Judy Morton-Wirth      9th
Rosanne Hofland       19th
Dick Bergamaschi     24th
Kitty Chang                 27th


Dennis & Karen Campbell    25th