Party Night: Mar. 20th


Krazy Dazy Hoedown April 6th

Bakersfield Fiesta - Bakersfield
March 15-17 - Callers:

Preparations for the upcoming Krazy Dazy hoedown on April 6th at John Muir MS are well underway.  Each club couple/family unit are asked to bring a wrapped door prize in the $10-15 range.  Fay is taking sign-ups for one food item each on her list of choices.  Krazy Dazys are asked to chair the following areas: (1) door sign-ins, (2) door prizes, (3) split-the-pot raffle and (4) decorations.  Other club members are asked to help where needed and everyone should be on hand at 7pm at John Muir for set-up and afterwards for the clean-up. 

California State Convention - Ventura
April 19-21 - Callers:
Invited NorCal & SoCal callers

Spring Jamboree - Lodi
May 10-11 - Callers:
Joe Saltel & SJVSDA Callers


Circus Circus Hoedown
Ring Master: Gary Carnes
Saturday, March 16, 8-11 pm
John Muir MS, San Jose

Shamrock Shuffle Shakedown

Some Sweetheart Special

Dancing to the world's largest Leprachaun, we joined a rather small crowd at Muir on March 10.  Jim Osborne kept things rolling as about a dozen squares enjoyed his fun calling for the evening.  Round dancers enjoyed the cueing of Jim Chico.  The decorations were timely, the food was plentiful and the dancers had a lot of fun.  Our own Tom Kenfield had the luck of the Irish and won the biggest split the pot share of the evening.  In addition to the Kenfields, the Campbells, Wegeners and the Gaddys were club members on hand for the dancing.
Karen & Dennis Campbell

On February 9, the Wegeners, Gaddys and Campbells joined at least 120 other couples (yes, couples - that's more than 30 squares!) to dance to the calling of Eric Henerlau and the cueing of Jim Chico.  There were couples from Fremont, Gilroy, Santa Cruz and Monterey, and from up the peninsula.  We were delighted to see Lee and Lois White enjoy the superb hoedown.  Eric is a delightful caller, personable and a good choreographer.  His complicated moves flowed smoothly from one into the next.  Jim, besides doing his great job on the rounds, harmonized with Eric on some of the singing calls.  Despite the large turnout, there was plenty of food.  There were lots of raffle prizes and a 'photo corner' where digital photos of sweethearts were offered.  Richard and I won a raffle prize, a box of Hershey's kisses, just right for a sweet heart of a dance.
MaryJane & Richard Wegener

The President's Ball- Whing Ding
Saturday, March 23, 7:30-11 pm
Crittenden MS, Mt. View

Caller: Gary Carnes
Saturday, April 6, 8-11 pm
John Muir MS, San Jose

Spring Fling Hoedown
Caller: Deborah Parnell Jones
Saturday, April 12, 8-11pm
Newark Pavilion, Newark

Bows & Beaus
Newer Dancer Hoedown
Saturday, April 27, 8-10:30pm
Rogers School, San Jose


Kristina Finnegan     2nd
Jan Dawes                2nd
Jon Soule                  3rd
Sue Williams              9th


  Duty Square

Stan & Marilyn Whitten           9th
Dick & Elvira Bergamaschi     25th

Richard & Mary Jane Wegener (Heads)
Jenna Standridge & Judy Morton-Wirth