President's Ball Whing Ding

Dance Site: Collins School, Cupertino

California State Convention - Ventura
April 19-21 - Callers:
Invited NorCal & SoCal callers

The Campbell, Mast, White and Gaddy clans enjoyed the President's Ball Whing Ding on March 23 at Crittenden School.  There were about 15 squares in attendance.  Donn Thomson, Harold Fleeman and Charlie Brown did a nice job sharing the calling duties and making it a fun evening.  All proceeds went to the dancers and callers associations for the benefit of square dancing.  The Whites also won one of the split the pot prizes to top it off. They even took a picture of all club Presidents, so you might see Dennis and Karen's lovely visages appear in an upcoming Prompter issue.
Karen & Dennis Campbell   

Spring Jamboree - Lodi
May 10-11 - Callers:
Joe Saltel & SJVSDA Callers

Golden State Roundup - Pleasanton
May 24-26, Memorial Day Weekend
Callers: Saltel, Nordbye & Baier


Krazy Dazys Hoedown Hi-Lites

Spring Fling Hoedown
Caller: Deborah Carroll-Jones
Friday, April 12, 8-11pm
Newark Pavilion, Newark

Walk & Dodge Into Spring

The Krazy Dazys 44th Anniversary Hoedown was a very well attended and crowd-pleasing event.  More than 15 squares were on hand to enjoy the entertaining calling of popular, local caller, Gary Carnes with Jim Osborne emceeing for the evening.  The food was plentiful and everyone left with a door prize it seemed.  Ken Mills was lucky enough to even win 2 of the 3 split the pot prizes.   The rounds were capably handled by Wendy-Jean Iannico.  Despite the cool weather everyone warmed up, especially after the hot hash plus tip at the end.   Gary related his experience in Japan where he recently called and treated us to his encore medley tip of Frank Sinatra tunes.  Many thanks to Fay and all who helped with the setup, food, refreshments and with the rapid cleanup afterwards.       
Tom & Karen Kenfield

The Browns & McCoys attended the El Camino Reelers Walk & Dodge hoedown on March 16 in Palo Alto called by Jet Roberts.  The tips were called in blocks of three (Class Level, Full Plus and A2).  The club has very skilled dancers that displayed quite a bit of enthusiasm.  Knowing beforehand, that this club was a gay &  lesbian club, we wondered how we would fare with mixed up genders dancing various parts (Jet Roberts also wondered how he would keep track himself).  During our last tip that evening, the four of us split up and danced with different club members.  Jim McCoy wound up in a seven "Jim" square.  The eighth dancer was Roz who is a woman who danced the boy's part.  Jim may never be the same.  We all had a great time and would enjoy dancing with these folks anytime.
Christie & Jim McCoy

B & B's April Showers
Caller: Scott Byars
Saturday, April 13, 7:45-11pm
Ralston MS, Belmont, CA

Bows & Beaus
Newer Dancer Hoedown
Saturday, April 27, 8-10:30pm
Rogers School, San Jose

Keeway Swingers
Caller: Vern Weese
Saturday, April 27, 8-11pm
Walters JHS, Fremont

Featuring: Jim Osborne
May 11, 2002, 8-11pm
Rounds: Wally & Ione Wade
John Muir MS


Year Bars & Anniversaries

Pat Burke (H)       1st
Joe Keever         13th
Ronnie Gruhn     18th
Ellie Foy             21st
Jan Aplustill      22nd
Bill Brown          27th
Joan Village      29th


Stan & Marilyn Whitten   15 years
Jim & Joann Osborne         7th
Albert & Lois Swanson     23rd
Ken & Bev Mills                 24th

    Don & Dorothy Trehearne
    Bill & Laurie Landauer